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 The Showcase Cinic:

Players will learn and practice the mechanics of field goal kicking, punting, and kicking off from Coach K.C. Lopata and his staff. At this clinic and showcase event, players will be taken through guided drill work and practice time, as well as competing in special teams competitions. Players will be provided film of their field goals, kickoffs, and punts following the event.

Clinic Itinerary: April 26th, 2014
1:30-2:00pm    Registration/Check-In
2:00-2:05pm    Staff Introduction
2:05-2:15pm    Warm-Up/Stretch
2:15-3:00pm    Field Goal Instruction & Drill Work
3:30-4:10pm    Kickoff Instruction and Charting
4:10-4:50pm    Punt Instruction and Charting
4:50-5:00pm    Closing Remarks

All clincs are located at:

Legacy Center

299 Goble Drive,

Brighton MI 48116

Onsite Registration: $110.00

Online Registration: $100.00

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